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Meet 14 year old Gloria. When I asked Gloria’s sister what she would like to become when she is older, she said a doctor, because she would like to help sick people like her mother Teddy who is HIV positive and she told me that her father died of Aids. Gloria in response said that she wants to be in charge of the hospital and was teasing her sister a bit by saying that she wants to supervise her. But then with a more serious face Gloria explained that she wants to make sure that the public medicine is equally divided amongst all people and that this is not always the case now. Gloria was born in Northern Uganda and lives now in the Acholi Quarter Camp in Kampala; an internally displaced camp for the refugees who fled from the Lord Resistance Army. In her community many people live with Aids. Gloria is so happy that she finally got the opportunity to go to school. Their community definitely needs doctors and hospital managers like Gloria and her sister.