Sponsor a child


Little Otim Joel is the third son of our artisan Stella Lanyero. Stella is very grateful that her prayers were answered and that two of her kids are going to school thanks to our sponsorship. Every semester it was very hard for Stella to have enough money together for the school fees. Stella was born in the Kitgum district in the North of Uganda, because of the war she could not afford to go to school and is analphabetic. She had to flew to Kampala, but since she doesn’t speak English or Luganda she gets heavily discriminated against on the labour market. Stella is a single mom, she had to divorced her husband, because he was an alcoholic, didn’t work and didn’t care for his family. Stella is very grateful to all donors who help her raising her children and giving them a better future. ❤❤❤ GREAT NEWS! Joel is sponsored by Zara Imrie