Sponsor a child



This is 17-year-old Ejoki Muhamudu, he is the son of our artisan Mary, who is a single mother and taking care of 5 children. At the beginning of this year Ejoki was very sad, because they had nog enough money to pay schoolfees, he was send home from school and not allowed to attend any classes. When I told him that we started a new program at 22STARS to collect money for the schoolfees for the kids he was crying from happiness. Ejoki says that when he completes his studies he wants to become a pilot. Right now he is in Primary 7 and hopefully next year he will go to secondary school. You might wonder why a kid of his age is just in primary 7, well that’s why most of the years there was not enough money for his schoolfees, so he could only go to school occasionally when there was money.