Sponsor a child

marcy a


Meet nine-year-old Marcy Aloyo. In 10 years she wants to become a doctor, because she would like to help sick people like her mother who is HIV positive and she told me that her father died of Aids. Marcy was born in Northern Uganda and lives now in the Acholi Quarter Camp in Kampala; an internally displaced camp for the refugees who fled from the Lord Resistance Army. In her community many people live with Aids. Their mother feels guilty of being HIV positive, but still shares her status in public. She first came out in church and met at this occasion her new husband who was of the same status. Marcy who is already 9 years old never went to school. She is so happy that we took the burden of paying schoolfees away from her mother and are sponsoring her and her sister. Her community definitely needs doctors like Marcy.