Sponsor a child



Peace is waking up every morning at 5 am and has to walk 2 hours to get to her school, and 2 hours back in the evening. She is in senior 1 now and is dreaming of a career in fashion. Her father died because of Aids and her mother is HIV positive and was displaced by the war in Northern Uganda to the Acholi Quarters in Kampala. In 2015 Peace wanted to run away from poverty. She went to Northern Uganda by herself to find work to pay her schoolfees. However, that was not as easy as she thought and her mother – 22STARS artisan Susan Laker – became very worried about her. Thankfully we found a sponsor for Peace and she came back to Kampala. And even more amazing her sponsor will pay in 2017 for her to go to boarding school so she can concentrate fully on her studies. In 10 years she sees herself becoming a social fashion entrepreneur and wants to give back to her community.