Sponsor a child



This cutie is called Stephen. He is so adorable, posing for the pictures like a mini-star. I think he could become a model one day, but he rather wants to be a pilot and fly over the country. He is living with his grandmother -22STARS artisan -Alum Kevin. His father left to Sudan when he was still a baby. His mother Oroma Scovia went back to her village for a couple of months to give birth to her third child. Her plan was to come back and take care of Stephen herself again, however she still has not enough money to support herself and family. So Alum Kevin continues taking care of Stephen and also of our 22STARS kids Walter and Joseph and three other children. Alum and her husband don’t have much, but are the most generous people I know. The little they have they give to the kids. They are very grateful that Charlotte is sponsoring little Stephen and takes that burden away from them.