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Summer of 2009: Uganda shall I go or shall I stay ;)

Time flies!! 6 years ago I went for the first time to Uganda! I was writing my International Law thesis about child soldiers within the LRA and was volunteering for an Aids Prevention Program that worked foremost with post war victims.

I still remember the day of my departure… After all my friends and family were very discouraging -like why the heck would you go THERE? And why don’t you join us for a trip to Ibiza and do you know it is NOT safe etc. ? – I got a bit cold feet when I was about to board the airplane…

I remember I called my mom – almost crying – because I was the only young white girl on board and I was wondering whether I could perhaps just cancel the whole trip… My mom who obviously also preferred me home instead in Africa, was like, well if you stay the money for the trip will be gone, but if you go it will be too. So just follow your heart and if you wanna stay I pick you up in one hour at the airport *smiley*.

But then I thought by myself what the heck is one month?! And why am I scared about something I know nothing about. Or basically after all my research, I did know something about Uganda, and that was that I do wanted to go there. My friends and family who hadn’t done any research wanted me to stay home. So I needed to take that chance to also show them how this country really is and I went.

When I arrived I got picked up by my Ugandan host father who by all odds was called “Herman” the same name as my deceased (step)Father!! So from that moment on I knew that I had an angel watching over me and that nothing bad could happen. And my angel is still here. I am so blessed and happy that I got to know this beautiful country and its people and I soon will be back! <3



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