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banner 2Making jewellery from 100% recycled paper!

All our jewellery is hand made from paper and varnished with natural products This makes each peace uniquely different: lightweight and waterproof. Many of the papers are also finely textured, which will add a little extra to the resulting bead. Our designers start with ideas, or we provide them with designs on paper.

Then they buy old magazines and posters in the colours they want in a small warehouse in Kampala. There is a big difference in pricing of the papers! The small uni-coloured beads are made from way more expensive paper then the larger multi-coloured beads. And also it is a lot of more work to make small beads then bigger beads. That’s why our small bracelets with 30 mini beads are more expensive then the larger bracelets which have 10 paper beads. Also for the “block” shaped paper beads there is more paper needed then for the “triangle” shaped beads, and a more expensive varnish and glue is needed for those “block” shaped beads to make them waterproof and shiny.  In addition some colours are more easy to get then other colours, which thus makes the rare colours more expensive. In addition to the paper our designers need to buy other materials as well, such as clasps, glass beads, wooden handles, spirals, strings, glue and varnish.

When the designers have the right paper, they use a pencil and ruler to measure the paper and mark it up. Then they cut out pieces in a triangular shape. A bit of glue is put on top of the triangle and then the paper is rolled up around a needle. It needs a lot of practice to master this procedure the process to ensure symmetry in the beads is very time consuming. To make paper beads with different shapes the designers vary the size and shape of the paper triangle: the colour combinations and sizes achievable are endless! When they have a whole string with paper beads together they vanish them a few times to make them waterproof and shiny. Once the beads are ready, they are beaded together with different colour glass beads creating beautiful designs.



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