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Wanted: male model for the 22STARS men bracelets!

Wanted: male model!

Woohoo guys, the men bracelets finally arrived!! Every piece is handmade from recycled paper! So now I am searching for a hot guy to do the photo-shoot with! You must be good looking, have a six pack, not shy in front of the camera, be serious & funny and be socially conscious. Since I work monday-friday from 09 to 18, I can only shoot in the evenings or the weekend of 28/29 June. Location will be NDSM werf in Amsterdam. Please send me a message if you are interested! The first bracelets will be sold this Saturday and Sunday at the Shoeless Festival !




Note: the picture of the model above is from calvinklein.com (published Fall 2008) and not us, we are still searching for our model!
On the right you see a little sneak peak of our men bracelets!

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