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webworkation FLAKS in Tarifa

my time in Uganda is soon coming to an end.. But luckily in a few months I will be back, cause I really love Africa and still have a lot of things to do. For now I have to focus on selling.. selling.. and selling of the survivor made goods. And whats the best place to do that? SPAIN!

Next month I will be exploring a new city and make new friends ( I hope.. 😉 ). I will be in TARIFA where in June around 20 location independent entrepreneurs will come together to get some work done, brainstorm together, motivate and help each other and.. go kitesurfing! 🙂 So if you are around or wanna be around check out www.flaks.nl

And let me know if you wanna meet up for a working or kiting session or are somewhere else in Spain (I can travel;)


Ps. there are still some last minute tickets available for FLAKS in June! http://flaks.nl

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