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What I want to do when I grow up

LOL. I hear so often people telling me: “When I grow up I want to live your life” or “if I could get born again I want your life”. I started thinking what do I actually want to do when I grow up?

Definitely not having the life that I have right now. Haha. I am absolutely in a fun phase right now and I am loving it, but when I look in the future I see myself having a cute house and my own vegetable garden: with asperses, grapes, salad, herbs, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, just everything! Decorating my own rooms with things I collected during my travels, repainting old furniture etc.

Really would love having my own space one day. Renting out some extra rooms to foreigners visiting the country, so I still can share stories with people from all over the world and having my friends sleeping over of course.

And I hope to have some kids and a man running around. And in case they would not be our own kids for what reason so ever I think I would like (I obviously have never seriously thought about it and neither will do that now as it lies too far in the future) to adopt a few kids from Africa or at least take them in for a year or so during their studies. Why Africa? Cause I love that continent and met already some really cute kids which I would have kidnapped and taken with me right away if it would have been possible. ?

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